Spicy Turkish cured beef

Homemade Dolmas$3.00

Grape leaves stuffed with rice & herbs


Baked phyllo dough triangle, stuffed with spinach & feta cheese

Baba Ghannouj$5.00

Smoked roasted eggplant, pureed with our distinctive blend of spices


Traditional chickpea dip, whipped with a touch of lemon juice & tahini


Salad of cracked wheat, parsley, tomato & scallions mixed with homemade olive oil, lemon juice & fresh mint dressing


Egyptian style traditional falafel served with tahini sauce


Yogurt w/shallots and fresh herbs

Mediterranean Sampler$10.00

Hummus, Baba Ghannouj, Dolmas & Tabouli

Mixed Baby Greens$8.00

Organic mixed baby greens tossed with organic fresh citrus fruit, caramelized walnuts, Gorgonzola, drizzled with homemade balsamic vinaigrette


Organic arugula tossed with organic fresh citrus & caramelized walnuts, drizzled with homemade lemon olive oil dressing


Organic romaine lettuce topped with homemade croutons, fresh anchovy brochettes & homemade dressing


Organic romaine lettuce, red onion, cucumber, bell pepper, olives & feta tossed with lemon olive oil dressing


Organic vine-ripened tomatoes topped with fresh mozzarella & basil, drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil

All dinner entrées are served with organic roasted vegetables & basmati rice

Bacheesos' Grilled Meats for Two$28.00

Selection of our chicken skewer, lamb & kubideh, vegetables & rice


Boneless chicken thigh marinated in limejuice, yogurt, & traditional Persian seasonings


A juicy strip of ground chuck angus beef with Persian seasoning

Lamb Osso Bucco$16.00

Braised lamb shank in a Barolo wine sauce

Khoresht Baademjan$12.00 / $16.00

Mediterranean tomato ragout made w/ sauteed onion, garlic, Persian saffron & traditional seasonings, topped with grilled tomato & eggplant. Served vegetarian ($12) or with lamb shank ($16)

Saffron Infused Grilled Salmon$14.00

Fillet of Atlantic salmon seasoned and topped with organic veggies & saffron aioli

Linguini Frutti di Mare$14.00

Saffron linguini with prawns & Atlantic salmon tossed in fresh tomato sauce

Pom Chicken Breast$14.00

Grilled chicken breast topped with homemade pomegranate BBQ sauce

Vegetarian Mousaka$12.00

Layers of homemade potatoes, purple eggplant, smothered in Be’chamel sauce

Zatar Chicken$16.00

Rosie’s Chicken Breast prepared with Zatar & White Wine

Loli Pop Lamb$18.00

Three pairs of lamb chops, grilled to perfection

Falafel Plate$14.00

Served with Spanikopita, Turkish Dolmas & Hummus

Traditional Vegan Lentil Soup$5.00

100% veggie, in a bowl

Kids Pasta$5.00
Homemade Rice Pudding$3.00

Baked thin layers of phyllo dough stuffed with walnut pieces, infused with fresh citrus & rose water

The Latest Scoop Gelato$6.00

Vanilla Bean / Chocolate / White Pistachio / Cookies / Mint Chocolate Chip / Coffee Dutch Almond. Your choice of two scoops.

Soft Drinks$1.95

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice$2.25 Small / $3.50 Large
Organic Apple Juice$2.50 Small / $3.50 Large
Pomegranate Juice (seasonal)$2.75 Small / $3.90 Large
Life Juice$3.50

Beets, apples & carrots

Turkish Coffee$2.50
Persian Saffron Tea$2.50
Arabic Mint Tea$2.50
Mint Lemonade$2.00
Iced Tea$2.00
Single Espresso$2.00

Extra shot 0.50

Cappuccino$3.00 Small / $3.50 Large

Available with soy milk for an additional charge

Cafe Mocha$3.00 Small / $3.50 Large

Available with soy milk for an additional charge

Cafe Latte$3.00 Small / $3.50 Large

Available with soy milk for an additional charge

Chai Latte$3.00
Milk$1.50 Small / $2.50 Large
Soy Chai Latte$3.50